Small Treasures October 2018

New Age Music Guide Review

Kerani has just released an album called “Small Treasures”. It is a collection of musical inspirations which found their origin in emotions and experiences that have touched and affected Kerani’s life. Pieces based on ancestry, history, poetry, dreams and fantasy have been moulded into an auditory and visual self-portrait. 
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Stardust Review

A space expedition requires advanced technology, boldness and a large budget. The same resources are needed when composing and recording music with a grand space theme. Kerani’s new release “Stardust” is a collection of larger-than-life melodies, performed by a symphony orchestra. It is the New Age music equivalent of a Mars mission. Keep reading to see how the landing goes!
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Kerani Releases 5th Album

“The overall message of my new album is to make people aware about the wonders of our planet, the mysteries of the universe, and the miracle of earth’s ideal position in the Milky Way, which enables life,” explains composer, keyboardist and producer Kerani.
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Equilibrium 2015

New Age Music Guide Review

What is true inspiration? That’s a hard question to answer, but listening to Kerani’s new album Equilibrium I know one thing; Kerani had it in abundance while working on this release. Her theme is «feminine energy, important women in history, and female traits and talents.»
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About Equilibrium

“The concept for the Equilibrium album, and the title track, comes from my dream of a world where the male and female energies are in balance and in harmony, where men and women accept and respect each other as they are and treat each other as equals,” Kerani says.
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Kerani Arctic Sunrise 600px

Arctic Sunrise Review

When we read and watch movies about great expeditions and impressive voyages into unknown territory we can’t help asking; what made these heroes do as they did? Why did they chose to make such enormous sacrifices? Kerani’s new album Arctic Sunrise is inspired by the story of Captain Robert F. Scott’s Antarctic expedition in 1912.
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